Restaurante Plato al Centro | About us
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About us

A simple and elegant space for you to feel like home

About us

Lovers of gastronomy in the relentless pursuit of flavors that make vibrate your emotions

Plato Center starts from the need to share our passion for gastronomy and the particular view of the Andalusian idiosyncrasy, enjoying the pleasures of life in company.

Slowly but surely we have built a name and a philosophy around our cuisine, based on the extensive culinary culture of Spain, and enriched with touches of foreign gastronomy.

platocentro exterior
foto de las cartas de plato al centro

Our cuisine

Our cuisine has a simple concept but full of tones. We want you to feel the same passion we feel and enjoy yourself a remarkable experience.

Our menu is composed by simple dishes, worked with dedication and mime, where the quality of the ingredients makes the difference. Traditional flavors with new nuances, new surprises, looking for that touch of innovation based on the roots.

Themed dinners

The opportunity to discover, learn, experience. To open up to new flavors, new combinations, which will expand our gastronomic horizon.

In our themed dinners you will have the opportunity to be part of a unique gastronomic event, where every dish, every wine, every pairing have been carefully selected to get the most intense sensations, all in a relaxed atmosphere where participation and fun are encouraged.

Live the experience of a different dinner