Restaurante Plato al Centro | Menu
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Taste and absolute respect for the product

Sharing emotions

Any food is better with chat and laugh. Let’s go out to eat something?

Go out to eat is the excuse to be with friends, or with family. Is ordering 3 tapas, 2 rations and 4 half rations “but,I put it to the center because is to share”. Is enjoy. Enjoy good food, the environment and the company. It is happiness “to the center” because is to share.

Carta plato al centro
Chamó asturiano

A commitment with the tradition

Our first experiences, the first aromas in the kitchen, family gathering on Sundays at Grandma’s house to enjoy the company and a good stew, or some simple but delicious eggs with fries, define us.

Plato al Centro knows that where we are is the result of our way in the kitchen. That is why our menu has many personal interpretations of the great culinary classics of those memories.

foto del cocido madrileño de plato al centro

Almadraba bluefin tuna

The best tuna in the world

The Almadraba bluefin tuna contains a variety of flavors and surprising textures. Plato al Centro have a special attachment to this product so ours. We have grown up with it, our palate has been formed with many dishes from the Cadiz sailor tradition until dint of curiosity crossed the ocean to Asia where we learned the other kitchen of bluefin tuna.

carta de atún rojo